Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout at Home

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32 Responses

  1. if i do this everyday for a while,will i loose weight?

  2. idk how this woman does it and looks like she can walk a runway right afterwards. I look like a damn potato after 2 minutes.

  3. wooohooo went upto the 21st minute……..feeels sooo good

  4. india miles says:

    Love this cardio workout; I'm going to do this every morning

  5. So guys, I've been working out with fitness blender for almost year and a half and recently I started to lift heavier weights (up to 5kg per hand) and now I have pain in my knee.. on the outer part of it. I thought I did all of the exercises right because I'm paying attention to this, but now I'm not quite sure. Should I take a break from working out or what? I think it's something with my tendon.

  6. ive took two breaks in the past 6 minutes i need more work than i thought

  7. Hans Him says:

    will this exercise burn my belly fats and chest fats? im a guy. lol

  8. iPolar says:

    15 mins and I'm rly dizzy is this normal?

  9. opens altura says:

    I'm just 5 mins into the video and I'm so tired this is what just laying in bed feels like I want to finish it tho even tho not today just a little bit everyday

  10. lee chanju says:

    Guys. try this now … this video is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy best excercise. trust me.

  11. These are the best!

  12. Denia Heath says:

    Today was my first day trying this. I could only get through about 18 minutes without feeling like dying. Lol. Honestly. I haven't done much working out since 2010. But im going to change that and continue on this path of being as healthy as possible. With that being said im going to start this video where I left off and try to finish. ????

  13. This is the best Cardio Workout I have ever done in my life! I am working out since 15 years old ( I am 20 now) and WOW! This is so amazing, thank you guys so much!!!

  14. Olivia Dean says:

    What I do for the summer ????

  15. Olivia Dean says:

    2 words holy fuck

  16. ????????????????????????????

  17. Wolfiee xD says:

    It's the first 9 minutes and I think I'm dying.

  18. George R L says:

    Going from couch potato to trying this out. I'd say about 1/5th into the video, I felt my heart in my throat. Is that ok??

    If I do manage to get this down in one shot, can I do this once a day?

  19. I've done like the first week of insanity ( in like two weeks) a while ago .. so I thought I wanna do some cardio workouts that are a bit easier .. that wasn't easy at all

  20. Guntas Sran says:

    It's been 10 mins and I am done … I look fit and healthy with a good height but I have those curves on my stomach . If I would wear bikini and bend those curves will just appear . I need motivation . Help me outta this problem

  21. ACE TWINKO says:

    THIS IS ????
    Sooo. hardddddd ????????

  22. Sarah Koni says:

    can someone explain the calories count to me pls

  23. Curseco says:

    I would do this, but.. I don't wanna. And I'm fat.

  24. Leigh Min says:

    I'll do this :3 I'm not that overweight but I want to lose fat. I'm 14 and 45 lbs and I want to be below 40.

  25. Does anyone know if this workout burns thigh muscle ? 😛 <3

  26. These adverts are keeping me alive

  27. Joy Santos says:

    jumping jacks is the hardest for me. I can't do it straight for 40secs. I had to do it each 15 secs with 10secs pause. it weakens my knees and I would experience tremor omg

  28. Tahirih Mokz says:

    this work out is so difficult and hard i give up

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