FAT BURN WORKOUT! #SweatyMachines 4 week plan

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30 Responses

  1. Torey D says:

    Since today is rest day, Friday my first day to start

  2. I'm gonna start next week, wish me luck.

  3. If I do this as a regular basis and eat right will I loose weight in a month trying to find ways on a diet and exercising so any advice will be helpful

  4. Thank you very much, #TheLeanMachines. These exercises are just the ticket.

  5. Actually I personally think that it would be great to have a calendar like this every month;)

  6. Jocey R says:

    This is great, but I can't do a single push up or more than 3 burpees, lol!

  7. Imo how you should do burpees is press up into jump but that probably has its own name

  8. Don Kikon says:

    How much rest between sets?

  9. AleX Cheung says:

    I'm going to do this!

  10. Domokhunie says:

    Well of course with this workout there is a diet too right ? Any suggestions guys ?

  11. just found this video and I will start this on tuesday

  12. PAR VEZ says:

    Loved the vid! keeping me motivated!

  13. steffiejoe says:

    I wish you guys would post a link for this December work out , so I can just print it out !!!

  14. Just realised I'm staying in London for 3 days during this plan 🙈 Gonna have to sneak them in once everyone's asleep then… 😝👊🏻

  15. Eileen A says:

    Gave this a go today and hoping I can stick it out. I'm pretty unfit and cant really do the burpee's but I'm doing a modified version with less jumping. Also doing repetitions of 10 at a time taking a 30 second rest and then doing the next 10. Hoping that after the first 2 weeks i'll be able to include some proper burpee's and be able to do the 20 repitions without having to take a rest. Have to start somewhere, hope I can see some results!

  16. Going to start this this morn, thanks lads

  17. Aaron West says:

    Hey guys, I'm currently in the middle of my soccer season and I'm feeling the stress on my legs, there tight and sore in the morning and I keep cramping up. Any advice on how to deal with it?.. Thanks guys! Love you videos

  18. Polly Dolly says:

    I'm committed to do this starting tomorrow…but Sunday is my rest day from the gym, so I will swap Wednesday for Sunday. Have posted in on FaceBook; now to Twitter and Instagram. I am Shephena on both! Thanks (the burpees may just do me in…but I die sweating) ;-)

  19. William Monk says:

    In my head now everyday is a Thursday

  20. Anyone else Like before watching?

  21. kalakhan3 says:

    I'm definitely gonna try this schedule out!

  22. thatsNathan says:

    Will definitely be doing this! Thanks guys!! 🙂 #sweatymachines! x

  23. definitely going to do this so I look good for my birthday on the 28th! #capricorn

  24. what's the rest time between sets?

  25. JB Gua says:

    I only watched the video because of the thumbnail. I wanted to see their tattoos…

  26. Is it ok to do this from a baseline of no exercise whatsoever other than walking from a to b?

  27. Klaudia W says:

    I'm so excited to try this 😍

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