Fast Fitness Workout – High Intensity 35 Minute Indoor Cycling Training

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34 Responses

  1. Let us know how you found this workout!

  2. simon bate says:

    First class training video’s. 👌🚴🏽

  3. Another awesome spin! Thanks GCN for your commitment to training!

  4. Marc Côté says:

    I have to get into to this the winter is setting in here in Canada

  5. Thanks for these workout videos I enjoy it and I get better
    and I lose weight and the condition gets super, thank you ..

  6. Joe Orsua says:

    Excellent class and video…jgo

  7. Julius B says:

    Thanks for this great workout GCN!

  8. Drew Mather says:

    Really nice session, Simon! Thank you so much to you for leading the group, and all your efforts throughout the session, as well as the efforts of the group. Great job all around! Very inspired to keep training! Cheers!

  9. jezrii zer says:

    Appreciate video content! Forgive me for the intrusion, I am interested in your opinion. Have you considered – Dinanlinson Crazy Tactic Approach (just google it)? It is a smashing exclusive product for discovering how to use short burst interval training to get that beach body without the headache. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my best friend Jordan after many years got amazing success with it.

  10. furyen1976 says:

    the lady with tattoos is smoking hot! and well able to bike!

  11. Excelente entrenamiento, ideal para la temporada invernal, llevo cientos de sesiones, sería genial que fueran subtitulados en español.

  12. Skyline156 says:

    Great training, thanks!

  13. Brilliant! Matt and Simon are great motivators! Keep up the good work plus thanks for captions as I no longer go to public spinning classes as with these vids I feel part of the team. (Deaf here) Could you do some long gang rides like CTX do, but CTX dont do captions. Thanks

  14. David Goff says:

    Great 20/40 workout

  15. Wow what a ride 👍 The girl at the front with the tattoo…holey smokes…I'm in luv 😍

  16. Thank you for this hard training!

  17. incredible work. one of most dificults and with very good results. thanks gcn team

  18. Excelente entrenamiento, ideal para estos días fríos en Chile, sería genial que fueran subtitulados en español.

  19. I don't know when to increase the resistance 🙁

  20. i found it very good. hurts but enjoyable

  21. pass the vomit bucket please?

  22. I've been training with GCN for the last 6 weeks at home on my turbo, doing the 30min HIIT with Simon which I like a lot and then I found this one, This is great I now do both. These videos are great and I love the Channel. Thanks for the advice on my question which, although you couldn't answer, I've taken the advice on board. Congrats on the Million guys.

  23. Aiaiaii z says:

    I did something similar before i got into somewhat serious training, tho i wasnt consistant.. feels good. Tatoed girl is fit.. shes not sweting as much as others.. or shes just not doing as much.. but doesnt seam so. Mby she stays super fit all the time.. when i start season i swet like a pig.. but when im good while in its eaven hard to get swetty. 🙂

  24. Euan Walker says:

    Si…you are evil! great session! have to ask…why do the GCN riders not use a front wheel block with their turbo trainers?

  25. jason says:

    Could you add something like TSS and IF? I can't tell how hard/easy your videos are

  26. Si it never gets easier, just faster!

  27. saw this new session whilst on holiday in Benidorm and thought I would break myself back in with it when home, bad idea! it's a tough one!

  28. Klwir Qldf says:

    it was perfect. I lost 140 pounds.
    20 from weight-loss, and 120 from my gf leaving me for cycling in the living room.

  29. really tough workout, but very enjoyable😁😁😁

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