Extreme Results Workout Plan with Scott Herman: Week 1- BeFiT Bootcamp

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9 Responses

  1. Anna L. says:

    If i do the programm should i do 'only' those exercises per day or can i do more? For example squats or another workout 

  2. What does ANYBODY recommend to eat during the exercise program 

  3. Laura Gil says:

    More bootcamps like this please!!

  4. Thank you for this information.. like you said.. Are you ready? ..Yes I am ready.

  5. ginaris23 says:

    This is going to be an insanely good four weeks! Scott is way awesome!

  6. Erik hansson says:

    Okey I will start Tomorow and try this! 

  7. Hey, if was to do this for the next four weeks would you suggest drinking protein shakes each day?

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