EXPLOSIVE Workout MONSTER! – Best of Michael Vazquez

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29 Responses

  1. Cacciato says:

    Am i the only one who watches this video everytime before training ?

  2. suckhdeep1 says:

    im 5.8 feet and 200 lbs, I just started hitting gym now. How can I do just like him?

  3. azer quliyev says:

    oh my GOD the fantastic very very much

  4. Keyur Bhatt says:

    if you will go wwe ,you win world heavy wait 100%

  5. 김예한 says:

    이런거 가르쳐 주는 학원은 없나 ㅋ

  6. I like what he is dowing

  7. Ajota cbs says:

    este man es una maquina

  8. please i want to be your student

  9. fadel benali says:

    You are the perfect one's world

  10. kahlil adawi says:


  11. VTaehyung says:

    this is what they called EXTREME whoooop!!!

  12. hello, i will not like or dislike right now.
    i want to know, how is this guy in bed?
    any honest women to tell the truth?
    thanks, ETN…

  13. lil c says:


  14. Sonu Dagar says:

    U are a real monster

  15. Sahil Monan says:


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