Explosive Chest & Back Workout! | Buff Dudes Cutting Plan P2D1

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  1. Buff Dudes says:

    We had an EXPLOOOSIVE chest and back workout to start of Phase 2. Also got requests for some more carby recipes so hope you enjoy the slow cooker Pea Soup. Have a good weekend – STAY BUFF!!! -Hudson & Brandon

  2. Gonna make this with a side of 16oz steak 🥩😀

  3. Julio Ramos says:

    Buff Dudes this workout kicked my ass! Trying to be a certified buff dude 💪. As always another great video

  4. Bring on the gas💨💨

  5. marco amadei says:

    Nice! 1 quick question. I’m a newbie who start weight training for about 7 month but always in a fasted state. Should i workout in the evening after eating or is better in the morning before breakfast? Thanks!

  6. Mona Lisa says:

    It's 3:33 AM where I'm at. I was thinking about doing either chest or back today. Guess I got my answer.

  7. frans6162 says:

    In the netherlands we call it "snert". Very tasty indeed

  8. I saw your Star Wars wide chest video, can you make a video on what exercises you did to get that massive wide chest?

  9. Thor is getting buffer by the day

  10. paul schab says:

    People still sleep in?

  11. Daniel Roque says:

    Buff dudes never pin!

  12. Great episode!!👊👊

  13. Musix N. Me says:

    DUDE! Thanks for the Vegan recipe. I have some split peas that are feeling neglected and sad in my pantry hahaha

  14. Steven Do says:

    who else likes cats?

  15. Hal Azeel says:

    Why does Hudson always go too heavy

  16. Circular crunches are amazing for the abs! I do them along with hanging leg raises! Great video guys!

  17. Samuel 5266 says:

    0:30 what's the difference?

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