Dumbbell Only Glute and Hamstring Workout |Beginner Friendly & Quick

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  1. Tried this workout last night and I’m dead 😵❤️

  2. Hey loved the workout :)I'm just curious how much protein do you consume per day?

  3. fatima patel says:

    I am a new member to your channel an let me just say you are amazing. I have problem with loosing weight like if I start eating healthy i just end up eating junk. I see people who eat so much an like do not gain weight at all. I am only in high school but I want to start being healthy an loose weight. Which I have been struggling with. PLEASE HELP. Thank you x ly

  4. ahhhhh we use the same ketchup and i agree – there is no comparison! it tastes more tomatoey and is sooo goooodd

  5. Do you have any tips for the hamstring curls…I find it is difficult to securely hold the weight between my feet and not drop it. Thanks for sharing the workout…so helpful and you are just the sweetest. ♥

  6. And yes to the try on haul video!

  7. You two make a good looking couple!

  8. Fie Bossen says:

    Thank you for sharing the weight you’re using. A lot of girls don’t and it’s actually super helpful! I know it’s important to use a weight that is comfortable but it’s nice to know what is realistic and helps me to push a bit harder. I love your videos, keep up the great work girl!! 💪🏼🔥❤️

  9. Hii! What length is the band you use?? Because I want to get one but I found many lengths, didn't know what to buy in the end :/

  10. Weight loss video first please!!

  11. Margaret X says:

    Always a good day when Maryana uploads!! 🙂

  12. What do you ask for when you get your acrylics done paint color wise? I need a natural color for my job and I’m not sure what to ask for!! ❤️

  13. Fit Rebelle says:

    Those banded side kicks are amazing, love 'em!!! ❤💪

  14. You deserve more subscribers

  15. Adelaide B says:

    Gonna definitely try some of those barbell workouts! Also, a good mask to try would be the Aztec Indian clay mask! Seriously clears my skin within 2-3 days after using!

  16. gwendo amadi says:

    Weight loss first , please ☺😊

  17. Please do the sustainable weight loss tips video ! I miss your tips and they are so helpful for me ! Especially, could you talk about how we can track our progress? I think that is wrong to only count on the scale… thank you so much ! I love you ❤️

  18. What vlogging camera do you use? 😘

  19. I would love to watch both of those videos, I am super excited for the new gymshark cropped hoodies, I missed out on the last release of the cute cropped hoodies so I was so happy to get one this time. Thank you for the video, the dumbbell workout will be helpful to do at home on busy days.

  20. Leonie Leka says:

    I would love the weight loss for beginners tips video 😀
    Also I love when your videos are a bit longer 😬 could literally watch them for hours. Which I may have been doing 😀

  21. Holly S says:

    Okay so I have a question: how do you perform dumbbell hamstring curls without feeling it in your calves?! I've tried this move before, but I feel it more in my upper calf area than my hamstrings 🙁

    Love your videos and thank you for your inspiration!

  22. Weight loss!!! But try-on haul shortly after plssss <3

  23. Spm46xo says:

    Weight loss one would be great! I have been doing hiit workouts for 6 weeks only lost 6lbs but I’m not a heavy person either but my legs r defined more now looking to just tone but I love those videos would be awesome! And def would love to see the try on haul next with work out clothes ❤️

  24. Good job, keep it up

  25. Candace Dawn says:

    I'm not used to seeing you with nails! Did you get them done for a special occasion?

  26. So happy your results turned out good~ <3 U!

  27. Dude your skin look poreless, airbrushed, and dewy!!! What's your skincare routine??

  28. So glad your results were good!! 💕and I’m excited to try this workout—I do all mine from home and dumbbells are my best friend 😊

  29. wonderful video! really really liked it

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