Crazy 5 Minute Home Cardio Workout – Cardio Exercises – Quick Workout

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  1. Andre Brown says:

    Into the fourth burpee, I stopped. Chest and lungs burning and outwinded. I hope that's normal. Next time, I'll make sure my thermostat isn't set too high; I run out of breath faster when it's stuffy. Great workout.

  2. "we saved the best for last"
    me : ouhh mai

  3. Peter Strods says:

    thanks for the simple routine ..its very effects


  5. WC3Fanatic says:

    I'm dead,nice workout though.

  6. Sibin Thomas says:

    Will these exercises replace running???

  7. Dat Berger says:

    My heart is pounding , definitely a great quick workout!

  8. great workout but all I noticed was the guy in the red shorts wanger working out itself

  9. Very good simple cardio workout that works! Felt younger and more alive after the workout. I have decided to do this workout daily

  10. Gene Ethel says:

    Literally I get really terrified if I haven't workout at least once before the end of the day this really helped for my more difficult days.

  11. Thanks for sharing this man

  12. cesia .none says:

    I did it . How did you do it wile talking it was fun thanks 

  13. Brandman1297 says:

    Dang nice will get you after so many sets.

  14. good would want to know how often the whole week ago whether or duty having break Thanks

  15. If this isnt too much for ur body then stfu and move to another video… no one cares if u think u r bolt ok? People seeing this video its cause they r interested about it and not in how much u run

  16. Akash Jk says:

    I cant believe he was talking through the whole video without panting … nice!!..

  17. Eric Quezada says:

    Lol I could jot atop laughing at how dumb I look ..

  18. dsgrsggjgfj says:

    I tried this and wasnt bad but it was too easy proably because I'm used to running 4 miles a day

  19. CHAIN TRIA says:

    Good video. Thanks.

  20. Yvon Goma says:

    great work out guys…died on the 4th one. Top class

  21. world wide says:

    Shit, i got tired just from watching you guys

  22. levo jala says:

    looking forward to gt to the burpees xD 

    great video

  23. I'mThatGuy says:

    great work out i used to be a wrestler in highschool and i smoke a lot now im 185 punds roughly haven't had a scale in a week or so it broke somehow,  but im 6'2" with 13.8 % body fat but I have a belly that I'm trying to get rid of I don't really care about abs just want a flat stomach.

  24. Them mountain climbers tho

  25. Thanks, just what I needed. Died on the last set though :P

  26. I died on dem burpies

  27. Love your work out. I travel a lot and am always looking for something I can do in my hotel room. Thanks a bunch!

  28. Damn this was a good circuit burst!

  29. Jason says:

    Holy fucking spam like the lady said below how many calories you think this will burn in 5 min roughly?

  30. Caley Bieber says:

    That was awesome, thanks so much!

  31. Hi +FunctionalMuscleFit How many calories would you say these 5 minutes burn?

  32. Thanks for the workouts. They look quite simple to do at home, nothing too complicated. I think it's ideal for people who haven't got enough time to visit a gym, but don't want to miss out on a healthy good-looking body.

  33. Mike Artis says:

    im so fat i getting winded just watching this!

  34. venalama193 says:

    Copy and paste into Google Fat Blast Factor and you will realize how some foods 'explode' in your stomach.

  35. Popi Khatun says:

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  36. Osam!! One 🙂 but i am doing that 4 days before and i am not losing weight??/

  37. TheAbStand says:

    Love these cardio exercises – you've included all the basics like jump roping and burpees. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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  38. bluelight760 says:

    thanks for posting I do this every morning before school and when I come home

  39. have you ever heard of hard work and dedication. its the best way to burn fat. google it….lol

  40. Anita Sparks says:

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  41. Have you seen Exyph Fat Loss? (Google it) It is a quick way to burn off fat fast.

  42. You are right. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack.

    Listen to this one of my friend working in fitness field suggested me this 7 secret food items to kill our jelly belly.

    if you are serious go for it now

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