Complete LEG Workout Routine at the GYM

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20 Responses

  1. BONNIE GOW says:

    Omg are you trying to get slapped in the butt because you sticking your butt out so far!

  2. I'm thrilled that I found you on YouTube. Love your videos, great information, well communicated and your just awesome man. Love the stretching videos btw. Thanks!!! 😉

  3. Hey Lee, thanks for the informative video.
    I have been in the gym for 1.5 year approx., and took some breaks in between. I have an ectomorph kind of body, which means gaining mass is somewhat more difficult. I have been using your 3 day split routine for a while and I think it's quite useful. However I want to focus more on my upper body. I'm thinking of a 3 day split routine without a complete leg workout, but rather 3 workouts that mainly focus on the upper body, and then occasionally throwing in 2-3 leg exercises. Would you have any tips or recommendations about how to adjust my 3 day split routine? Also, I take protein/creatin shakes. I think it's quite important since for me, putting on mass is a bit more difficult than for others, and as a result i think I can speed up the process by taking some supplements.

  4. can I use waites with the walking lunges????
    and thank u for all ur great videos they are very helpful keep it up, salute from Algeria.

  5. I have a hard time keeping my balance doing lunges. any suggestions? BTW great video

  6. ivan C777 says:

    i heard leg extensions destroy ur knees?

  7. mortalsting says:

    I was surprised not to see any squats ? :/

  8. Gil Paragoso says:

    Hey Lee, I watched all 3 parts of this series. would it be okay to do each routine twice a week, accumulating a 6 day workout or would that be overtraining?

    Great tips and awesome videos

  9. Imran Jaan says:

    Oh my god sheep ass right at the start😂😂😂

  10. I did this leg routine, super sore the next day.  sitting on the toilet was torture. lol

  11. Is it enough to do these ab exercises only once a week? I heard that dedicating about 5 minutes to abs 3 times a week is the best.

  12. CaN says:

    what reps is the best for a beginner? 4×12?

  13. Saiyam Jain says:

    Hey lee…….
    Saw your videos and they are great
    I m 100 kg right now , so can i do these 3 workouts…….
    For how many time should I continue with these workout with constantly increasing weight
    Plz reply asap…….
    Thank you

  14. Suman Bag says:

    Thanks a lot, you helped me choosing my leg exercises.

  15. diego rosete says:

    I have a question im a skinny dude I kinda build muscle but I play soccer almost everyday, what foods should I eat to build a lot of muscle and gain weight?

  16. Suk Mike Hok says:

    Your squat form is horrible (huge buttwink), it's a miracle that you haven't injured one or several of the discs in your lumbar spine yet.

  17. Thank you Lee! Your videos are very helpful,keep it up!

  18. Alex Mitra says:

    Those calf presses trigger me so bad, just one slip and you'd have all that weight smashing into your abdomen

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