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  1. Here is the next installment in our Superhero Workout series: THOR! We just shot AQAUAMAN which will be out next week but we'd love to hear your suggestions. We've gotten some for Spider-Man, Bane and Arrow and we'll definitely tackle those soon. STAY BUFF!! -Hudson & Brandon

  2. yubstep says:

    this vid made me subscribe to you guys! 🙂 keep up the good work. although I'd like if you guys talk more about eating but I haven't seen all your vids, this is my 1st so I'll have to explore.

  3. He is a juice monkey. Period. Watch how CH shrinks/deflates after he has completed his marvel/thor movies. That does not happen with a natty. If you want big arms, just to pull-ups and dips. Only juice monkeys waste their time doing BS 'exercises' such as EZ curls and lying DBE.

  4. Andy Liao says:

    This help me grow 2 inches in a month

  5. strong arms but weak core muscles and leg muscles. It is useless.

  6. I was gonna go to sleep, but I guess I’m gonna stay up and learn how all the superheroes got jacked.

  7. Dat asian guy in green shirt is funny af lol.

  8. Spider Girl says:

    Hudson is original Thor,Brandon is ragnorok Thor .Love you guys! You're both Thor lol

  9. What about maui workout. 😂

  10. Is this his real workout routine or you planned something similar to get a shape like that?

  11. Hemsworth is a Steroid user, you can hear how his voice dropped an octave, classic sign.

  12. LaYungKidd says:

    I just watched 2 minutes of this video thinking that was really Chris Hemsworth

  13. You forgot the steroids lol

  14. Bryan Tee says:

    Check this out. I tried to burn 800 calories of burgers

  15. Wtf that guy next to you looks like Chris hemsworth

  16. I do this same routine in the same order and man once I hit those preacher curls they f**k me up every time 😂

  17. Daniel Luper says:

    2:15 did anyone else hear "supersex"?

  18. XVince13X says:

    what about his full workout. Id like to know his split he did for everything but I cant find a legit source.

  19. Nat Mo says:

    Oh wow. From the neck down you guys almost look the same now. Very nice.

  20. daan hermans says:

    Guy tight soldier classical Palestinian unlike elbow establishment.

  21. and for the shoulder ??

  22. Thought he was Chris hemsworth

  23. el cucúy says:

    You're both on steroids, forgot to mention that one didn't you

  24. Epicness &Co says:

    Great video! Do you know what Thor's chest and back days are too? Thank you!

  25. Good, you guys are back at the gym. You guys left your mark on the at home dumbbell workouts. Get buff.

  26. Olek_Gannon says:

    faggot's never admitting their sarm usage.

  27. syakir ramos says:

    what about the weight bro?? is it maintain or increase the weight??

  28. MuslimLab says:

    must take years to grow to this level and size.


  29. I love your videos, funny that you often do your commentary in the car.

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