CHONGA WORKOUT PLAN Ep.5 | The Chonga Diaries

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41 Responses

  1. Are these girls for real? Like for real for real? Lol

  2. MK Santiago says:

    I remember you girls when you first made "Chongalicious" forever ago!!!! You made my middle school memories!! It's still good to see you still doing videos and you are still funny!!! Besitoossss!!!! <3

  3. Lys Fabian says:

    Hey girl 💘✌🏽️💘

  4. Comic Play says:


  5. Amy Yee says:

    Yeah u guys are freaking hilarious! This was my first video I watched of you and I spat milk out at breakfast! 😂😂😂

  6. LeUtubeAcc says:

    Comedy gold right here! haha

  7. when she started scooting over to the guy doing squats I DIED lololol

  8. jajajajajja i love u, saludos desde Perú

  9. bellaaa says:

    did they really meet that guy at the gym or were they already friends? bc itd be hilarious if they had just met.

  10. Sophia S. says:

    Maybe they should edit the fights they have….

  11. KHmoto 6 says:

    Are they joking? Or nah??

  12. "This is our new friend chocolate" HAHAHA

  13. pippy says:

    you are amazing

  14. Mia Is lit says:

    I'm from Miami 2😛❤️❤️❤️ btw your my fav you tuber

  15. Y'all got me crying laughing

  16. SUN WARRIOR says:

    I'm dead at the fucking Arizona ice-tea!!!! ADM!!!

  17. I love you guys so much😘❤️

  18. Eden Bishop says:

    Omg I just started watching you guys, your amazing 💜

  19. Hetil patel says:

    Are they just fucking with us about being so bad

  20. Yessss this reminds me of when I was in middle school and allll girls acted like this. We were all chongas

  21. Lily Arias says:

    Chonga girls how did u meet

  22. Lauren Kelly says:

    Heeeey guys it's the Chonga girls, my anthem

  23. Wahhh just discovered you through Buzzfeed's Pero Like, and you guys are just the besttt yasss <3

  24. hialeah high were u at thooo

  25. damnnnnn don't film her film the boy

  26. love you guys your so funny and you named him chocolate LOL please reply

  27. Y'all are so damn funny, i love this channel ❤️

  28. what high school you sent to I went to south

  29. they are both hella fine reppin south Miami /the gables 305 4 life

  30. Nallah B says:

    What is the Black guys social media ?

  31. Nallah B says:

    I'm so happy I found out about y'all right when y'all started working again. Lol

  32. XD i dont think anyone noticed but after they worked out they were eating pizza

  33. love ya girls gwuad girll you guys are my idols

  34. KYlantik says:

    In the beginning if you put on the captions then it says elderly Asian girls instead of the chonga girls

  35. Hannah D says:

    I can't u guys are so funny

  36. You guys give me life😭😭😭

  37. I 💗💖💕💕❤ these chicas!! Saw them on the Buzzfeed video when they made Jenny & Claudia into Chongas. Funny as hell! We need more episodes mujeres! Yes, hablo Spanglish!😃😄😁

  38. Our new friend chocolate… Omg much luv 4 u guys

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