Calorie Burning Cardio Workout | Full Body Fitness | Class FitSugar

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48 Responses

  1. Huge klutz on the hopscotch one…but I will get the coordination.

  2. 신채은 says:

    ☆7월29일~8월18일 '50kg'☆

  3. why does my feet hurt like crazy on this?

  4. virgismar says:

    this is great for beginners right

  5. HoneyIsWeird says:

    I'm 11 and really wanna en up like a model so I NEED to get in shape

  6. irenenergy says:

    Felt like I was playing DDR haha

  7. You almost killed me😥💪

  8. Love it. Part of my workout routine now.

  9. Ian Lee says:

    I just did this in the morning, without eating, and lost 3 POUNDS!

  10. Katie Becker says:

    This is great! I love the timer on the screen, and it's wonderful that you acknowledge that the coordination isn't always easy. Makes it much easier to not get discouraged and behind.

  11. Jen Jolie says:

    I sweat a lot !!! i feel some pressure in my neck while racing my arms up straight is it normal?

  12. asma abrar says:

    this is just great 👍

  13. I love this workout. I always do this and Im so excited to see the result :)

  14. I'm loving this workout. It's so great.

  15. Nayra Rios says:

    Is it bad if i start to feel nauseous halfway through the workout?

  16. Karina Dueck says:

    I love the workout, but why do I feel dead tired for a long time afterwards? I thought I'd feel energetic. But instead, I just feel like sleeping…

  17. Anyone know calories burnt? Need to pop it into my fitness app

  18. Cara J says:

    Anna, you rock! Thanks, this was great.

  19. Shelly Yohe says:

    Love this one! Just did this in my hotel room.

  20. Vicki W says:

    good day Ann love all your workouts – well done lass – …if you dnt mind me saying should you be telling us folks at home to do a cool down and stretches after the work out and what about before the work out – ok to get straight to it. I know its a pain but thought id just put it out there. loves ya :)

  21. like it
    not much time to workout so great cardio

  22. Kelly Cho says:

    How many calories does this workout burn? I love this! You guys get me so motivated, doing this everyday!

  23. Can I lose weight if I do this every other day?

  24. Anyone ever try stacking some of these 10 minute workouts together?
    recommended combinations?

  25. What kind of results ? X

  26. metushelach8 says:

    Loved the workout ! you start my day with a smile and energy !
    Thank you :)

  27. This was AMAZING. I've been snowed in because of the hurricane, but with this video (and a few others), snow day became sweat day. Thanks for the video – great cardio routine!

  28. I also liked the march with clap

  29. my favorite was the squat and punch workout

  30. Jon Breen says:

    Great routine! I teach a free class to kids out here in Albania and we use have used your Ultimate Warmup Routine to warmup for each Zumba class. The kids really like it! Thanks from your fans in the Balkans!

  31. this is an AWESOME workout!!!!!!!!!

  32. Emily Yanez says:

    this is a great work out for when i dont have much time in the day! sooo goood

  33. Thanks a lot Anna for every and each workout yuo have uploaded!!

  34. ??? ??? says:

    i fucking love you guys :)

  35. How many calories do I burn from doing this workout? One of my favourite videos :)

  36. Who else felt their air run out just by watching them😂😂

  37. kate says:

    I've lost 40 pounds! I'm 25 pounds away from my goal!

  38. Elite Credit says:

    nice burn, sweaty and he work out is short but makes an impact !

  39. How many calories i burn from this?

  40. jojoxoxo says:

    just did this two times and this is soooo great!!! going to do this everyday and other exercises every other day from now!!

  41. Janay K says:

    Could anyone tell me how many calories this workout burns on average? I know the amount of calories burned is dependant of several factors, including the person's current weight, but I just mean on average. Most cardio workout vids on youtube mention how many calories the routine would burn for a person of a certain weight – so that viewers can then work out and estimate what the calorie burn would roughly be for them. :-S I love doing this routine, but I must admit that without knowing the calorie burn that I'm achieving, it feels rather dis-heartening doing it. Does anyone know?

  42. Liz von C says:

    Will you get bulky legs if you do this?

  43. Hannah Faber says:

    The first time i did this i needed to stop like 2 or 3 times. Second time i didn't have to stop and i still had energie left! Progress :)

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