Buff Dudes Cutting Plan – PHASE 1 – (Full Workout with All Exercises)

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32 Responses

  1. Im just picturing that upside down man yelling weeeee for some reason

  2. Great video! Could you guys do some videos on exercise execution like you did on squats, just the posture etc

  3. Allen Marks says:

    I love you guys, but I'm not ganna lie. Not a huge fan of these vids where you just sit in your car and talk about the workouts. I wanna see more vlog type shit!! Those vids are great. Also your cooking vids are awesome…just my opinion. I'll always watch your stuff no matter what but I think your channel would do better if you guys did more vlog type shit.

  4. Tx Rx says:

    Wtf did brnadon just did 20 reps on the bench

  5. RHOBRT Bp says:

    What's the point of hanging upside down?

  6. Its Liu Kang who did the bicycle strike

  7. MisterJ says:

    I'm currently following your bulking plan, but I'm gonna share this to my friend coz he's trying to lose fat. Great job guys! STAY BUFF!

  8. andrew gomes says:

    My book just came in the mail yesterday. So pumped!!!

  9. True Playa says:

    12:50 basic bitch in the background does one squat and leaves.

  10. is this work out for every one?

  11. Hrishi Baney says:

    That outro though 😂

  12. Andrew Avila says:

    Love these vids, you guys have no idea how much you guys have helped me!!

  13. Dips! …Silence…awesome!
    😂keep nipples down

  14. Hrishi Baney says:

    12:20 that dude to the right is definitely ego lifting, lol

  15. Hrishi Baney says:

    Why do a single arm press (Arnold, Bicep curl), when you can grab 2 dumbbells and do them at the same time?
    You would still spot muscle imbalances since its a dumbbell in each hand

  16. Bicycle Kick by Johnny Cage ? Seriously ?!!!! LIU KANG GUYZ !!!!! 😀

  17. You guys are legends. True life changer.
    WTF is this guy doing in minute 3:30?! Is it hang like a f** tw** bat workout thing? 😂
    How can anyone hang around the buff dudes and do this shit!
    Stay real Buff 💪🏼

  18. Matt Kid says:

    Keep up the awesome work dudes from the emerald isle 🇮🇪.

  19. Liu Kang did the bicycle kick. Johnny Cage did the No-Shadow kick.

  20. Lu Kang did the bicycle kick

  21. McoParkour says:

    "Wanna keep the nipples pointing down" lmao

  22. zack FURY says:

    Thank you guys 4 all the effort u r doing, this is really cool and helpful

  23. ano nymous says:

    Thank you for the video. Had the plan but waiting for the videos to start it and doing 5×5 in the meantime.

  24. I feel buffer just by watching.. Imagine what will happen when I'll try this.

  25. I fucking love you guys, if I ever go to the states first stop buff dudes central!!

  26. rohit d says:

    Im a simple man, i see a new buff dudes video and i click.

  27. Bam Baam says:


  28. Wow never clicked this fast on Buff Dudes vid! Well I have waited this for a while. Keep up the good work!

  29. "legs and calves"
    not even buff dudes love calves

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