Buff Dudes 5×5 Workout Routine – Day 2

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23 Responses

  1. Please, no one deadlift using the technique in this video. It's dangerous to 'yank' the bar off the ground. Important to squeeze all the tension out of the bar by pulling yourself down into the bar, squeezing your lats/chest up, effectively pulling 90% of the weight first, and then easing that last 10% off the ground. You might lift 10-20 pounds less, but it'll be done with a super tight back and greater degree of safety.

  2. Dark Calling says:

    these workouts look so nice and organized but its just so confusing to take advice from steroid users. makes me wonder if form is 100% accurate.

  3. are nuzzle says:

    do you control the drop or are you just dropping? if so is it adding resistence when your drop from controling the drop?

  4. "gonna go a little heavier from here" love the expression like ummm yeah thats what were doing!

  5. Why do they always show the blonde dude always struggling while his buddy isnt?

  6. Stronglifts has a nice and free app that is a blog.

  7. How long are the rest periods?

  8. Devonian says:

    Can someone answer me what is the best thing to eat post workout to add mass? Is it really protein whey shakes? I don't really want to fork out so much money for this. Is a pint of milk during/post workout any good? Complimented by a good protein/ carb meal (e.g chicken, beans and veg) 1-2 hours after?

  9. brendan cook says:

    hey guys just a quick question…i have only started getting more serious at the gym but i also have a physical job ( roof tiler) how will this effect what im doing? thanks!

  10. I have a question: Should I increase the weight from set to set (of the 5 sets) starting from a moderate weight up to a heavy one? Or should I find the exact weight that I do 5×5, not altering the weight between the sets?

  11. IAmAntonio R says:

    I fucking love these guys. Best free information. Just added you guys on snapchat

  12. Alex Wingard says:

    are they brothers?

  13. Guys, loving this channel and everything you're doing! Keep up the awesome videos please!! 🙌

  14. Jordan Deasy says:

    So glad I found this set of 3 videos lads. Will start in the morning and bin off the split routines for now. Keep up the good work. Love your stuff. Grrrrr from Manchester England 👍🏻

  15. umm.. since when did Bryce Harper start body building?

  16. brandon kush says:

    these dudes brothers?

  17. Laurens Nys says:

    from where comes the program?

  18. can I use this as my regular program? can I stick to this for a while ?

  19. Brandon reminds me of Ben from the game Full Throttle

  20. I feel like the high row is abit safer than the upright row. slight bend in waist and do it like the upright. hits lateral head and traps like crazy. Also safer on shoulder.

  21. …I wanna see Fat Dude turn Buff Dude process video

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