Best Beginner’s Workout Routine

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  1. Buff Dudes says:

    Happy New Years! Use code BUFFNEWYEAR at checkout for 40% off all our clothing and apparel at This video covers our "prep phase" of our cutting plan which is the 3 weeks leading up to the plan itself. Stay tuned for our next video "Lean Vs Bulk" later this week as Brandon goes over the differences between the two while we continue to go through our CUTTING PLAN. And of course leave any suggestions for things which you think might help make the episode better. Until next time…STAY BUFF.

  2. Dr Mauro Mex says:

    Muy bueno 👍 saludos desde mexico

  3. Keep up the good work dudes. Just wanted to ask u about that dragon ball project, I've been looking forward to it but I couldn't find it. Plzzz I wanna see it.

  4. Still planning on shooting videos for your new cutting program?

  5. I need to stop overestimating what a meal looks like.

  6. 5×5 is hands down the best set/rep range for a beginner. Period. After a lot of bro-split rubbish, ditched everything and milked the 5×5 for 3-4 months. HUGE gains. Till I stalled. Now on the 5/3/1. Good luck to all people starting out. Remember. If you start, promise yourself to put in the work. AT LEAST THREE MONTHS. You're doing it for YOU. Then, you'll get addicted 🙂

  7. That baby scared the shit outta me!

  8. n2fastcars says:

    Hey guys liked the video. I'm in my early 40's and want to get your thoughts on cardio for someone at my age? How much cardio would be good for me to do a week? I've seen different videos saying I should avoid cardio. Any thoughts on intermittent fasting? I have been trying it for couple months and lost 8lbs. but hit a wall with doing cardio only. Started lifting and put on a couple pounds but I think it will come back off. Thanks

  9. Ear Rape says:

    Can I use the workout shown in this video to build mass over a 6 month period? I’m approaching the intermediate stage of lifting. Thanks dudes!!

  10. Marc Michael says:

    you are amazing you changed my life you inspire me everyday i wish i had friends lke you two

  11. ParadizeTV says:

    Can you do a dumbbell only workout?

  12. Consolous says:

    Not a beginner, but when the BUFF DUDES upload, I gotta watch. (And I still learn something every time) can't wait for tomorrow to get back to the gym after letting the body rest for a week.

  13. Good luck with the sleep regression brother

  14. King Maimar says:

    Rumour has it buff baby can already bench the weight of two small elephants

  15. Rumour has it that King BuffBaby can now bench 315 for reps.

  16. Not a beginner but I’m still gonna watch this cause….Buff Dudes

  17. Challenge for Buff Dudes: post before and after pictures after the cutting phase. I will too . Let’s compare the Gainz!

  18. david51835 says:

    How cute is the baby omg! i want one LOL

  19. Ken Able says:

    Such Narcissism with these guys.

  20. And what if you can't stay on schedule because of your work? Am a Security Guard

  21. Stfu Fag says:

    my proudest fap in 2018

  22. peterjoker2 says:

    The most disappointing thing to you is your kid turning into a marathoner

  23. Beamer says:

    Could you leave the recipe for your breakfast in the description? Also are all your meals in your cutting plan? Thanks.

  24. jamesdbrot says:

    Happy new year to you too buff dudes! Thanks for all the no bs videos. You always go straight to the point. Congrats on the baby too!

  25. GiRaffe101 says:

    Happy new year buff dudes from Australia

  26. lindsey607 says:

    congratulations on the birth of your baby Mr Hudson.

  27. You don’t Hudson: I dare you to deprive me of my adequate sleep one more timer you little bastard ;-;
    Buff Baby: Come at me bitch 😎

  28. Shawn Olds says:

    Can you do a video on strengthening anal sphincters?

  29. Toxic Nebula says:

    Is 8 months a beginner?
    Can't seem to improve my bench😕 Been benching 115lb for 5 Reps for the last month with zero progress😕😕Idk kf it matters but I weigh 145lb rn and can squat 190lb and can curl 50lb each arm with decent form. I make sure to eat 200g Protien everyday and 300g of carbs, Have a 500cal surplus from a tdee Calcultor-ANY HELP!!

  30. camq0789 says:

    What is y’all advice on alcohol? I feel like it ruins my gains and prevents me from dropping the weight I want to drop. Do you guys drink?

  31. flap jack says:

    "can only make it happen because he drops life and family " he literally started a family

  32. Will this plan make me lift 675 like brad Castleberry.. then can i go shirts off pants down and yell "boom" cuz then sign me up

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