Arm Workouts for Sagging & Creepy Skin : Fab Fitness

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47 Responses

  1. hehe… it is crepey skin, not creepy… altho it is pretty creepy!!!

  2. love these workouts !

  3. Terry Caytor says:

    thanks for the video, i like it.

  4. Natasha K says:

    Thanks for the video ,seems like it will work :)

  5. Bre says:

    I feel the burn

  6. Guys this really works so well, i don't know if I'm really loosing any fat but this strengthened my core for sure. I've been only doing this once every day for about a week now. I wasn't able to pick up even 3 litres of a water can before and now i can pick up 6 litres. Trust me this works!! :)

  7. Joyce Semo says:

    thanks for this tips…

  8. Leynia Lip says:

    Good video, Amber and Nick–the best one for arms that I have seen, in fact. Thank you for the training. I agree with the comments about doing the recommended number of reps. That would make it even better.

  9. Vicki Gleave says:

    Has this helped anyone?

  10. lissaplus3 says:

    Ok is anyone doing this that had sagging skin and have it work?

  11. MsLeelee94 says:

    ye a i like it too do a video workout very nice!!!

  12. kaleb amofah says:

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  13. Zoya Syed says:

    please reply to me if this work out works please!! thank you! it does pain me to do this. it would work right if it pained?

  14. clambarn says:

    Yes, but you get it wrong each time you attempt it. This time you misspelled "your" and didn't capitalize your sentences. The contraction for "you are" is "you're," not "your," which is possessive.

  15. Jess S says:

    This is my favorite arm excersize video. it hurts so i know its working. thank you for posting this. I am on 39 and already getting bat wing arms. its awful. i dont even want to wear tank tops anymore

  16. Yep…a do-over of the video doing all reps with us would be great!

  17. Amutha Valli says:

    wow great thank u so much for the tips.

  18. CC C says: are very sweet, it's not "creepy skin", it's spelled "crepey" (pronounced cray-pee). Thank you for the wonderful workout.

  19. allison shea says:

    Should do more tricep targeting

  20. Sera Farman says:

    She was too fast but great moves…Thanks

  21. Queen Vania says:

    Love you video. Thank you so much!!!

  22. clambarn says:

    The term is "crepey," which is a texture. It's not "creepy." Skin doesn't crawl around. Why can't nice looking women spell?

  23. I can feel the burn its great!

  24. Janet Lynn says:

    MY skin looked like yours at your age to. Wait till you hit 56 menopause and your skin thins. you gain weight on a no carb diet doing one hour of yoga one hour cardio 30 min stretching 6 days a week at the end of 9 weeks you have gained 3 pounds. By the time you get this saggy skin you can't do these movements any longer due to torn router cuffs ,arthritis and so on. I worked out all my life. Building muscle will help to lessen the look but it don't get rid of it. Plus you lose all the goodies that help you build muscle. bottom line OLD sucks!!!

  25. Bella V33 says:

    For beginners try 20 x 2reps If you like the push go for 20 x 3reps

  26. Bea R says:

    I just think she is to young to know where the sagging skin is at.

  27. mstiare1231 says:

    Creepy?? Don't you mean crepey?!

  28. Dolby says:

    your video is good, but it would be nice if you did ALL with us, instead of moving on to the next one. It is nice when you are timing it with us. Thanks for your effort.

  29. Anuja Trehan says:

    I like your video. Please post another video with exact number of reps…you do not complete the reps and move on the another..very annoying..thanks!

  30. maria munoz says:

    She's young arms don't sag yet. So how can I be sure this will work. I need to see someone in their 60s showing her arms. Sorry you are beautiful but that's whats wrong with all these exercises everyone is young and beautiful.

  31. These exercises may hep in muscle ton but not in crepey skin. (not creepy). I have been dealing with crepey skin all sorts of ways including exercise. It is not nutrition as well. This skin loses elasticity and collagen and it is noticeble after weight lose. I eat all the veggies and the water and the fruits etc. This does not help. My next step will have to be laser tightening. I don't know if laser works. Has anyone tried it?

  32. 095tay says:

    how often should i do this to see results ?

  33. Judy Johnson says:

    Thanks so much !!!

  34. Pakue Xiong says:

    Great burn on my arms but I hate pausing the video to do my reps before u move onto the next exercise. 😒

  35. Too good very nice and simple I loved it thank you so much.It would be very nice if you show us some good waist,tummy and leg exercise.

  36. how long do we need to do this before we see at least a little something happening

  37. Great little workout–thank you. But I do think you need to correct the spelling for crepey skin. Not creepy!

  38. Martha Hide says:

    How many reps shoud be done???

  39. yes much easier if she does the reps together with us

  40. guineapig212 says:

    Please can you look at the comments below and remake this video so we can do the whole exercise along with you with ALL the repeats?

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