Anllela Sagra – Workout Motivation 🔥 Female Fitness Motivation

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  1. Fitness woman motivation or Fitness men motivation??? hum hum…

  2. I saw it,I'm so hot,I love him ass that's a beautiful girl

  3. victor duque says:

    estos videos me motivan

  4. alafifi101 says:

    seems like these days girls workouts all about asses and sexuality. No wonder pussy is so cheap these days. Then they complain that they are oversexualized!

  5. Hugh Scott says:

    No se ve muy ducha para los ejercicios, je. Pero está bonita. De cero a diez le pongo 7

  6. linda linda garota da marombar

  7. Porque la mayoría de chicas fitness se vuelven cuadradas?? Las caderas con las cintura se vuelve recto , yo estoy entrenando pero no quiero quedar así cuadrada

  8. Diosaaaaaaa te amoooooooo sos increíble!!!

  9. Kelsey C says:

    Great! But she didn't get those boobs from excercise.

  10. stuff da2 says:

    Damnnnn tomorrow I’m going to rock 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. fyom says:

    I prefer the all-steel snow shovels but they're getting harder to find. Wait…

  12. Where do you find extra small shorts lol, women… You can't tell me wearing extra small baby clothing is all about feeling good, this is strictly for attention only… But don't you dare give her attention??? Girl logic

  13. bubblegum x says:

    Here's the ultimate secret to weight loss and an interactive exercise app for the walking dead fans.

    The secret to losing weight is burning more calories then you eat. This doesn't always mean eating fewer calories you could even try burning more which is where the exercise app comes in, but the first app we'll discuss is Life sum This app opened my eyes to how I was indulging myself in empty calories that had no nutritional value and always left me hungry.

    I learned to swap small unhealthy portions that were high in calories for larger healthier portions with fewer calories.

    I'll admit there are moments I miss chugging down soda or choking on Oreos but what I don't miss is the heart palpitations,the fatigue,the heavy breathing from doing something as simple as walking.

    So I have "Cheat days" or you could refer to them as reward days. Where I have some pancakes, a can of soda or something I'm particularly craving then do a little extra Monday believe it or not you burn calories Cleaning and walking so I take advantage of that fact.

    I also recommend if you have the time join a sport this can include dancing,rowing,tennis any sport really. I understand that not everyone can afford dance classes or a gym membership so I recommend the YouTube channel Blogilates it's Pilates with pop music pop-pilates she also has an app it's fun and motivating.

    Or for those of you who are a fan of THE WALKING DEAD I highly recommend the APP ZOMBIES RUN the app has an interactive story line that you complete during your Walks,Jogs or runs what's beneficial is the app can be personalized to your preference.

    YOU are runner 5 a Hero for the survivors of the zombie apocalypse you're a runner it is your job to collect supplies to build the sanctuary to safe guard them from the undead what they don't know is they you're solving the mystery to find the cause of the zombie apocalypse this could lead you to a possible cure with the assistance of your radio friends keeping a watchful eye above from their HQ warning you of impending danger and routes to take in order to complete your mission.

    The app has many features when you engage on supply runs you're collecting packages as you would a Pokemon in Pokemon go how ever you can choose the location of the drop zone preventing you from entering dangerous situations, another feature is the "Zombie Chase" mode this is a feature you can activate to simulate on coming zombie hoards at any given moment making you pick up your pace from a walk to a jog to a sprint this is known as HIIT high intensity interval training which has proven to help individuals burn double the calories in a shorter period, if you were to be captured by the zombie hoard you'd lose said supplies you build your base to your liking as you would in clash of clans.

    The app includes progress records,marathon training up to 20k,200+ episodes,numerous missions,training plans,interval training,a story line and a feature that allows you to listen to music while you run tuning it down every so often when the team has information to share with you through your 'intercom' (earbuds/headphones) it's like a audio book simulating a zombie apocalypse.

    Though I should remind you that there is a free version and premium version just like other apps I have managed to shed off 10kg using the free versions

    Also please remember gym isn't for everyone so please don't make the mistake I made spending $400+ on a 3 month gym member ship without being certain that's what you will enjoy if you're going to lose weight you need to have fun else it'll be another chore you put off I have 10/15 more kilos to go and I'm feeling confident.

  14. 73Bdiddy says:

    Didn't make it thru the video, half way thru had to clean the keyboard!

  15. Aaron Hays says:

    There isn't a single man on here that is straight that wouldn't jump at the chance to be with her period. The only exception is a man that is with somebody and takes that seriously, or a gay guy. Any other man would without doubt. So stop hating and enjoy the fact that she is sharing with all of us what she has earned.

  16. Aaron Hays says:

    Ha ha look at the skinny dude at 1:18 all like,"dammmmmmn". Better keep lifting J.r.

  17. Preciosa!!!! Y un cuerpo de escándalo

  18. Mila Thomas says:

    I was going through the comments and saw everyone say she has fake boobs, how does one know if those boobs are fake by just looking? And that she is not all natural? And that she is on steroids?

  19. Etoile Dor says:

    Force courage santé pour toi ♥️

  20. Etoile Dor says:

    Je suis prêt pour toi BABY je suis motivé pour le travail LOURD le sport.

  21. dnajohnny says:

    Feel like motivation for male go to gym and staring booties

  22. love okbaby says:

    For me this vedio is really motivate me for loss some wait thanks girl for this vedio

  23. Nysted says:

    How can the camaraman film so good with only one hand?

  24. FORCE DRONE says:

    Make more videos of Anllela sagra please

  25. syed talha says:

    funny thumbnail😂😂😂

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