All-Around Sexy Arms Workout | Katie Chung Hua

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36 Responses

  1. she is so hot and sexy

  2. Claudia H says:

    thank you Katie!!

  3. aywancfc says:

    You see a lovely lean looking woman like Katie and she gets comments like, 'why bother lifting with such light weights..what good arms?" Switch over to a woman who has built up some more muscle and people be like," ugh too muscly for a woman.." I mean goddamn. Do we ever stop judging????

  4. great workout in my arms and shoulders. I increased the weight to 15-25 lbs depending on the exercise.

  5. Zhana Cox says:

    I would use the first exercise just to activate the arms. And everything else go heavy. I'm going back to the gym after I recover from surgery and would like to build my strength again

  6. Athelstan says:

    This woman is doing too many exercises. Cut the number of exercises in half and double the weight and you'll be better off.

  7. graveskull34 says:

    if those are giant sets then she shouldn't be able to talk mid work out. maybe i prefer instructional workouts with the person really doing the actual workout set.

  8. 209sub0 says:

    honestly I came for her. thats it

  9. Joao Correia says:

    the hardest part of this workout was at 1:56 to 1:58

  10. She's so beautiful!

  11. Triceps says:


  12. her nails arent even ready for gym

  13. Oscar Arce says:

    she got a nice body and everything, but damn she's fucking weak

  14. Matt Payne says:

    Curls, extensions, front raises… I like those. One exercise into another.

  15. will be doing this on my next work out!
    and for the guys out there saying that its the lightest weight..-_- its physics

  16. woman knows her stuff

  17. Mondo Vlogs says:

    Wtf 5 pound dumbbells??!?!??!?!
    And she is talking about high reps. does 15

  18. arm workout who cares I wanna see a ass workout

  19. I swear upright rows are bad for you, AthleanX made a video saying they fuck you over… He's a physiotherapist

  20. Billphish says:

    her makeup tutorial would probably be a better workout

  21. Si_monster says:

    4:33 really pushing your self. You won't even sweat a little in this workout lol how do I push in this workout

  22. I seriously fail to understand why women always lift the lightest weights possible. Like seriously wtf even is the point?

  23. MyUserName says:

    Shouldn't she at least have decent arms?

  24. Marco Arseth says:

    2:57 thank me later. 😏

  25. P Pha says:

    this chick is smok'n

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