Ab workout for women – 4 Mins Abs Workouts (REMIX Version)

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  2. Well the 8 minutes one was waayyy too hard (30 reps each, like I could go up after 15 reps hahaha)… so here I am doing a workout "for women".

  3. Not very motivating to see that its for women:) I am going back to the hard one, too afraid to suck on this one too. At least I will suck in the harder one :)

  4. kuroibuta says:

    thumbs up if you are an out of shape male doing this exercise LOL

  5. Katte2332 says:

    Can I do this everyday? I mean How many times a week is recommended to do this routine?

  6. Dip Day says:

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  7. that's right, i think that this short set of exercises won't give women the results as fast as they want to see them. i've been using 8 min abs for men level 1 for three months and after that lvl 2 for next three months. I am sooo happy with the results.

    I only want to add that I started as a COMPLETE BEGGINER.
    first couple of weeks was really tough, but hey, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE if you really want it

  8. Amit Govil says:

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  9. Bobkally says:

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  12. That went by so fast

  13. Amber Gaines says:

    how many times did you do it?

  14. Ebong Adil says:

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  15. JaoJ says:

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  16. Jen Walker says:

    It was so close I quit but nope I finished it :D

  17. tommymom2009 says:

    Would every other day for 3-4 weeks be good for this workout?

  18. tommymom2009 says:

    I'm a 14 year old girl who weighs 95 pounds would

  19. Black Jesus says:

    How many times a month should I do this workout for some results?

  20. Awanes says:

    You're absolutely right, however most woman are using their strenght, muscles and stuff like that a lot less often, thus men's workout should be a little more intense, and maybe, I am not sure, speaking out of thoughts here, men's body during puberty is being developed harder and muscles stronger than woman's while they get sexy :)) You should consider going to lvl 2, it is much more beneficial. You look cute on pic,lol =)

  21. Bibibell100 says:

    Ciao ho scoperto solo ora questi workoute i vostri video molto interessanti grazie mi sono iscritta e vi seguirò complimenti ciao:-)

  22. gracias estos ejercicios estan superrrr

  23. Hello Leticia, we are working on it and soon we will add new exercises for the future moms. 🙂 

  24. Eli Marie says:

    I might be 14 but workout is healthy (:

  25. Men women…. who cares!! Do the workout!!

  26. Mandy Pau says:

    How long did you do the 8 min ab workout to get the six pack?
    and How often do you do that? Thank you.


  28. Zoldidi says:

    Even your regular 9 to 5 isn't normal anymore :). Go ahead and do your thing Tye. Don't worry about them haters!

  29. AnaFloco says:

    there is a male version 🙂

  30. Another AWESOME video…
    P4P I salute you !

  31. I actually think it's just because women don't want to be as ripped as men really. I know I don't. I'd rather not be as ripped as guys, but I don't know about you. 

  32. rbfowler09 says:

    there isn't much of a difference. The only difference is that this is shorter than the other, but it has exactly the same exercises.

  33. LankyJab says:

    ohhhh i see, makes sense now. thanks

  34. SimmyBlu says:

    thank you so much!

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