7 Minute Workout to lose weight fast, burn fat and tone your body

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30 Responses

  1. how many cal does this burn if whole workout is complete?

  2. neon girl says:

    me : "WOW THAT IS SO EASY"

    1 minute later

    me : " OMH OMG * falls on floor *

  3. Lili Krieg says:

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  4. Bk Rathi says:

    very informatve

  5. how long before effects

  6. It's amazing thank you for giving people hope

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  8. koreye says:

    I was wondering what they missed and realized that this video missed out planks

  9. TheyloveAlly says:

    Awesome definitely trying this out! I will be back in one week!

  10. Edith Wilson says:

    I am 59 Years old and my son who's 24 years old told me to join in with him this morning on my day off however, I wanted to sleep-in😇😇. However, I am so glad he push me to do this program I love it. I am a diabetic patients and I believe that this is going to assist me with keeping it under control. It was a couple of the excise I couldn't do however, I never stop moving I replaced them with walking in place and side steps😇😇 Thanks again for this program.

  11. Simply Luna says:

    I'm sure that my boobs don't look like that 😂😂😂 other than that it was a good workout I don't need to loose weight but I want to be skinny enough to get abs so I will work on this, thank you

  12. I saved this video and when I tried to play it again it keeps pausing and stopping and I can hear it talking but I got a white screen !!!

  13. i love this thank you i can do it also in home :)

  14. is this for men too?

  15. Paris France says:

    I'm …out …of ….breath😰😰

  16. Linda Ludwig says:

    Hey, please keep it up, it made me sweat a lot, I am sure this will help me loss some kilos off in some days or weeks. I am proud of you. You helping the world to keep fit, Thanks so much again.

  17. Linda Ludwig says:

    This is really perfect. I love it, and believe me I have started and will look forward to new videos. Thanks so much and Remain Bless

  18. Grace Flores says:

    Great workout must watch not to hard not to easy and made me sweat a lot!!

  19. This is my warm up before i do my workout. its very nice.

  20. dogg pound says:

    It's called Lumo well

  21. NoahHP says:

    ill do this 3 times a day and eat healty ill drink green tea

  22. how can i get slim in 1 week….update more workout tutorials

  23. This didn't work for me I did this 1 a day and for a week and I didn't lose weight

  24. Hey. Thanks for this amazing vid. I did these exercises for a week now and I'm already looking less bloated :)

  25. Nice….but its not enough for me….i need it harder….but its really good for people with 70kg.

  26. #DaWIZARDD can i do thos workout after 1 brekfast. plz halpe @Colouraux

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