5 Minutes to Slim HIIT Cardio Workout – Fitness Blender HIIT Workout for Fat Loss

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44 Responses

  1. Altin says:

    Excuse me .. but dat ass !

  2. vnairchannel says:

    thanks for this. My go to hiit during my busiest of days

  3. This was extremely hard but still a great HIIT workout

  4. I only made it to 2:24 lol

  5. this seems good. I am going to practice it daily.

  6. A very fun quick exorcise that gets my heart going thank you.

  7. damn, it looks really simple and easy, and yet i felt like i've just ran nonstop for 30min.

  8. I have decided to start with short workouts and build my way up…but WOW this was tough lol.

  9. cantucki says:

    Calories burned?

  10. not done body weight squats in ages

  11. mlbm13 says:

    awesome warmup or good to wake up the body with this! burpees are master exercises

  12. Did this successfully without stopping, although it was really really hard. I think this would be the perfect in between watching your favourite show break, workout

  13. You monsters 😛 My legs are killing me!

  14. sTarRyNiiTeX says:

    this looks brutal to me…

  15. Alisha Amjad says:

    you guys are great and helped me soo much and therefore im subscribing to you

  16. b7k1l8yn says:

    thought this was gonna be easy… WRONG! leg's were spaghetti after this lol

  17. How much calories did you think Kelly burned?…

  18. Heck yeah. Fast and furious. No gym membership and no bulky equipment. Although I have a SitNCycle, I will be doing this as my workout. The SitNCycle will be my warm up. Love these five minute exercises from Fitness Blenders. Shorter and intense exercises burn more calories than longer ones. Stop buying fitness DVDs that's just doing the same routine everyday and collect dust. Fitness Blenders rocks!

  19. Lasted 3.40 mins and im proud of that!this shit is hard!????

  20. Wooww that was really hard, I'm breathing so heavily right now and I did normal squats cause couldnt handle the jumping thing

  21. Charlene K says:


    How many times do you recommend doing this workout for results? Thanks charlene

  22. MeAdelaida says:

    Oh my god … I'm proud of myself to finish it .. Super intense !

  23. I swear I nearly faint when I was doing this.. Like my heart is beating really loudly and I am puffing like someone who just did a marathon. LOL
    I am not fit whatsoever. Shame on me crying troll face

  24. I looked at this and thought "Wow this is gonna be so easy!" By the time I got to the end of the 1st round I almost collapsed! Just shows I need to be in better shape, hopefully fitness blender will do the job!

  25. INFINITELOVE says:

    I died, can't believe I am sweating in like 5 minutes it's so effective 


  27. sarah lim says:

    I have  been doing fitness blender for 5 days and already I can see an improvement

  28. Is this workout for a specific part of your body (like for example, your stomach) or is it a whole body workout?

  29. Wow! What a work out! It works my thighs really well and I have to admit it got my heart rate going 

  30. Mandy A says:

    fitnessblender is honestly the only one that provides at home workouts that really get the job done in my opinion

  31. How many calories does this burn? I need to know for my workout journal. Thanks and loved the video!

  32. im sure this is really effective..i was only able to make it about 3 min…ashamed to say…really hard on my knees..dr diagnosed me with arthritus!!

  33. This is what I finish after cardio and before I do weights

  34. ifaa hanifah says:

    Do you have to do the warm up too? Or this video already include warm up?

  35. mee says:

    jfc, I think I died

  36. I replaced the jumping squats with mountain climbers, still as hard as this. But at least I can complete it. Jumping squats are too killer for me right now.

  37. Sofia lee says:

    I tried this exercise for the first time yesturday and I woke up super sore. Is this normal? I stretched before doing this. 

  38. Anyone know how many calories this burns?

  39. This one is one of my favorites. You should do more of these!!!

  40. Ayumi xoxo says:

    Burns so gooood????????????????

  41. How much calories do you burn with this one?

  42. wrotkowa says:

    what can i do instead of burpee ? i'm at the very beginning of exercising and that really is hard.

  43. I was doing this right after waking up… thinking like "just why ?" after :)

  44. Qqqq Qqqq says:

    How many calories does this burn?

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