5 MIN DANCE WORKOUT || Burn Fat & Lose Weight the Best Way – Cardio Exercise Routine for Beginners

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  1. Yay. Baby says:

    It's like she is actually at my house

  2. Anosha Khan says:

    after eexcercisè i feel to much pain koboko plz help me how can i lost 20 kg in one month😐😐

  3. Luna D. says:

    Best Workout ever

  4. Sarah Muff says:

    Love this video!!!!!!! Please keep making more!!!

  5. Sonu Mammu says:

    i love ur fitnes…Very helpful !!!

  6. Regina Penda says:

    I love how she smiles whenever she works out! Keep on going! 💪

  7. That bitch says:

    Her: good job, your doing good

    Me: casually sitting down why thank you

  8. Gwendo_ Lien says:

    Loveeeeeee this. Thank you

  9. How many times should i do it per day?

  10. This works I did it for a few days and was losing weight but I quit lol bc school got in the way but I did it for 4 days and I seen results

  11. one of the best thing I like that all videos r on dancing but u show
    us some steps so we can do this on any song

  12. I think I going to try I will join

  13. tingwai tsui says:

    just tried this, my heart is pounding real fast lol just love it

  14. I love you do much you helped me allot

  15. I like it how you encourage people and compliment them while we follow your neat moves even though some of us r just sitting and watching you (thats not me by the way)

  16. Love this. Short fun and effective.

  17. I think the thumbnail was so fake but the video worked GREAT!!!

  18. Lyn says:

    I like your facial expression from beginning to end 😁😁😁😁😁

  19. Kissy says:

    oh I cant wait to try this!!!! Thank you so much for the video!! I am 100 lbs over weight and I am so serious about getting fit….

  20. Great video👍 But I am still shy about my belly 😞 so I got this great Tank Top from Amazon USA that I would like to recommend you all here 💪💪https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0745DBZ57?th=1&psc=1 it’s hide my belly and high quality

  21. Ebonyaa Lol says:

    If you guys really loved this video (like me) go check out The Fitness Marshall he does loads of dancercise videos to songs you know and love💖 I did about 6 of his videos and I’m definitely breaking a sweat😅

  22. Fairy World says:

    I'm a teen with so much fat even though I don't eat a lot but you made my day I just found u ahhhh I'm happy!!! I'm starting this routine today!!!

  23. Just subscribed!! Love your videos and energy!! About how many calories are burned within this 5min? I LOVE dancing!

  24. Miller Miz says:

    Awesome pick me up!

  25. That's Cole and Savs intro

  26. My Own 6 – 7 Minute Arm Cardio Workout + This
    1. Arm circles [Forward] 30 seconds
    2. Arm circles [Backwards] 30 seconds
    3. Flying Arms [60 seconds]
    4. Pushups [30 seconds] And make sure to move at your OWN pace until you feel comfortable
    5. 30 sec rest [I don't take a rest,but it's fine] Make sure to do this Cardio 3 times and then this video 😀 And I might do these 2 times a day for 2 weeks. I'll update as soon as possible [Btw i'm only 12 :P]

  27. I love your energy and first time I was so hppy while I do my workout 😘😘😘😘

  28. Areta Kunaka says:

    I couldn't finish what u r doing.by I will keep on trying

  29. Areta Kunaka says:

    I'm tired but I'm trying very hard

  30. thank you for losing my weight

  31. Eakta Pandey says:

    Mera kamar and hand mote hai plz kuch btaiye

  32. wow Hayaat says:

    so easy nd helpful ….thnx

  33. caekyubi9 says:

    im here for this too 🙂

  34. Soma Nina says:

    Belle dance je viens de m'abonner à ta chaîne

  35. wilma pontes says:

    Ela faz tudo com um lindo sorriso no rosto!!! Isso é muito insentivante

  36. here's a tip if u want to get more energy…..take a cold shower but not to cold. let it be cold to the point where you think its cold because you don't want to get sick. that's what i did then i started looking at her videos and i felt a lot of energy to do the exercise or dance workout or whatever you call it.

  37. Fatima Samb says:

    Just love you 😍😍 your smile motivate me

  38. you look so happy and watching you makes me happy. I'll follow your lead! Thanks for this video. Sky (Malaysia)

  39. I forgot the heart….❤❤❤❤

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