40 Minute Full Body Workout | Beginner Strength Training | Class FitSugar

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34 Responses

  1. Olga Cara says:

    Hello guys. If ayoone is still reading comments now but I have a question.

    If I can't do it in full, should I stop midway or just do less intensive with more stops?

  2. Salma Lynch says:

    I know its a good work out when I hate the voice of the instructor.

  3. so I know a lot about workouts. just by using Unflexal guide ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Yasmine 77 says:

    Oh my god … I will not succeed !!!!!!

  5. Diantha Booi says:

    Every morning I train with your video's love it , I am now with the 21 day challenge day 9 , I starten 1 month ago with your cardio for beginners love it , I can see the change allready I have 3 more month to go for my wedding .

  6. great workout I followed along with it it is so great

  7. virtualatall says:

    I can easily walk 15 floor of stairs in less than 10 min, bit I'm tired just doing 15 min of this! I need to get fitter…

  8. Am tired๐Ÿ˜ฃthanx see u tomorrow

  9. tjrockzify says:

    such a great workout!!!

  10. Kekkaishi52 says:

    At first I did 15 minutes. after a week I managed to complete the workout. still some exercises are difficult but trying my best!

  11. wheezing at 7 mins geez

  12. TheJanaHD says:

    I love this :).. I am dead ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Green Family says:

    This was really good now I'm so tired

  14. Nina Radley says:

    my baby is not quite 3 months old and this is kinda the perfect exercise for me right now. I had to push myself, but I wasn't dying since the interval times were good. I may have gone a little slower on a few in of the workouts so I probably did less reps, but it still felt good. I'm excited to see what burns tomorrow!

  15. covered in sweat hard workout couldnt do everything but tryed my best

  16. For more beginners and easy to follow workouts please see my channel. Let me know what workouts you would like to see!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Memion says:

    Honestly. this is the only workout which makes me feel better and stronger after working out. I don't usually comment but this one totally deserves it!

  18. Polly Santos says:

    this is a bit much for beginners, especially those that are plus size like myself :/

  19. Omg i tried this and died after training xD

  20. wow! I menages to do it all!! I really wasn't expecting that!

  21. LayalSJ1 says:

    Only did 25 minutes because no kidding, my legs won't stop shaking!!!! But it feels really good, hope I can do it all tomorrow lol

  22. surbhi gupta says:

    Can someone please tell me if this workout helps with or stops the growth of your body?

  23. any one with one month result in this workout . have tried out for one month and have weight loss and reduced inches

  24. Anyone…? Is this a low impact cardio workout or moderate…?I don't know what to log this as into myfitness pal..

  25. bibi mohamad says:

    how much calories are we burning here? i almost die.

  26. Sarah A M says:

    Just did this, skipped some parts because I wanted to die…now feeling and looking like Smeagol kbye. Good workout!

  27. Urvashi Bhat says:

    Cardio is not for beginners definitely, but overall doable for a beginner. Hope it leads to some weight loss as well.

  28. Not a beginners workout, please!

  29. It really hurts I am a beginner

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