30 Mins Aerobic Dance Workout – Bipasha Basu Break free Full Routine – Full Body Workout

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28 Responses

  1. Quemagrasa1 says:

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  2. Alfa Janice says:

    bipasha basu?….????????i never knew she had a YouTube channel ….wow

  3. Richelle A says:

    What a best way to end a workout with a positive message "love yourself". Thank you!

  4. How often should i do this to lose weight????

  5. YaYa Spears says:

    Still enjoy this dance workout so much! Thank you.

  6. Anig Namgis says:

    i am 55 years old and I've been making a daily habit of following this dance routine with sexy Bipasha. Even though she is old enough to be my daughter, she inspires me to be my best. I also lift weights and eat healthy.

  7. Why the only quality option I have is high quality (1080p HD)? It wasn't like this before, now I can't do this workout anymore because it freezes :(

  8. Sana Gupta says:

    thanku thanku thanku so much.???????????????????????????????????????????? for sharing.u can't believe how much im happy.

  9. Sana Gupta says:

    thanku thanku so much for sharing ummmmhhha

  10. sa fait 1 semaine aujourd'hui que je cette danse tout matin et oui je suis motivé merci

  11. it's too much lol I can't breathe, damn

  12. Swati Jain says:

    Amazing.. I really luv this.

  13. its awesome and realy works

  14. brinda123 says:

    First time I sweated after finishing 15min workout.Opps tooo hotThank u

  15. hi friends its so helpful to wait Loo's

  16. Love this workout. I do this twice a week along with body weight workouts.

  17. that moment when your almost dying and she sais "okay we're done with the workout"but they all look so healthy with amazing body's so that encouraged me to like keep going and im so proud of myself now. you are so motivating I couldn't stop, I felt like I was in a Bollywood movie….

  18. Why dont they ever show people with more weight. then just stick people?!?!?!?!?!?!

  19. Yoki Lutra says:

    Wow! <3
    It makes so much fun. How often I should do this without destroying my skin? I wish I could do it for an hour, really. It makes me feel very good.
    Well done, Bipasha Basu! (I like this name) 🙂


  20. Can we do this in the evening instead of morning
    glad if anyone could reply :)

  21. Maybe I'm more fit than I thought but this video had way too many breaks and at the end there was no instruction in the slightest on what they were doing which always left me a step behind. I will not be doing this workout again.

  22. oh gosh i am overweight and this is my first workout in years, still managed to do it entirely ! now, bye, i'm off sweating my fat on the floor

  23. Kayla Wilson says:

    I love this workout it so easy it work up a sweat I enjoy it very much

  24. I'm guessing that this workout should burn around 225 cals

  25. I going to try this for 3 weeks I will update 🙂 hope it goes well :)

  26. I love this workout I incorporate this in my every morning routine so, far I have lost 15 pounds and it has only been a month. I have one question the work out pants one of the young ladies are wearing. I really want to know where she got them they look so cool and comfy. The bright yellow baggy mesh capri style pants are awesome where did she get those? Can I order them?

  27. What's the name of the first song ?

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