30-Min Full Body Workout for Women – Total Body Strength Training : Body weight No Equipment Routine

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30 Responses

  1. GymRa says:

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  2. I don't like that you don't even know what she is going to do next. She gives instructions after she is already into the exercise. Poor instructions………

  3. Lin Chen says:

    2 issues I have with this workout:
    1, Definitely not full body. Very minimum arm workout besides holding up bodyweight for plunks.
    2, Don't wait for your model is in position or she has 2 reps done to tell me to change sides or change exercise. Feels like being tricked.

    Good workout on legs and core.

  4. Silversshine says:

    I´m missing the upper body part & the arm muscles!

  5. Ami Alaniz says:

    This was incredibly hard (I have no idea how the host isn't sweating all over the place). That said, a fabulous work out that you feel the next day.

    Heads up: the cues are slightly off, so either go according to the host or the narrator. Still, a great, FREE work out. A+.

  6. Cherry Girl says:

    Her slow movements when she's changing positions is so sensual

  7. it was really amazing workout

  8. This is intermediate level. My FitBit Blaze said 290 calories. 🔥

  9. Should I do it every alternate day or daily?

  10. Lea Cortes says:

    I've been doing this for a week now and I'm already seeing nice results! Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. I'm 13 so I have a pretty good figure but I want to keep it as I get older, to any one else like me I recommend doing this workout at least 3 times a week or every other day. Doing this keeps me feeling good. It's a challenge but after a while this will be as easy as this instructor makes it look. 🙂 good luck and keep working!

  12. Diamond says:

    i just started working out 2 weeks ago. i tried this to try something different. nope.

  13. Emina _ says:

    This extra slow unenergetic voice i can never be motivated to move my body!

  14. Mary Taylor says:

    Does anyone know on average how many calories this would burn? I understand everyone is different but I'm struggling working it out

  15. It clearly says "not a beginner workout" in the description

  16. Ebony Mcneil says:

    I love working out with her!!! Her attitude and nonchalant attitude towards working out and her body motivated me through my work out!!

  17. Sayeeda Ali says:

    Your videos are much motivated 😍
    Please help me i want to loose weight from my whole body like face, arms, back, shoulders, tummy, hips, thigh nd all 😂
    Please suggest me some oh f your videos please..
    I want to loose my weight in 1 month..
    Now I'm 68 nd my age is 21 ..
    And i want it to be atleast 52 😭
    Please help me 😭

  18. Shu-sama says:

    Oh holi shit I did this workout because I am recovering from some sort of flu and remembered this one was extremely slow and now I see all these comments about how it's too hard. Maybe apart from te side planks I think it's small small small piece of cake. But now I remember having a hard time with this one too a few months ago.. so… message of this comment: just work out regularly (4 to 6 times a week and maybe more higher intensity shit like Rebecca Louises vids and some fun HIIT), eat (healthy) after your workout, sleep enough.. and you will get there (you will even want to be exercising when you are sick). Also, I think all those sit ups are kinda pointless, planks ftw. Bladiebla

  19. The music TOTALLY sucks^^

    and the one talking — makes it worse^^

    bahaha I can´t follow it through without thinking I am at the wrong place.

  20. UV0023 says:

    Workout and video are good, but the music and sound gives it a porn movie feel

  21. Ifkaar Alam says:

    Gorgeous doll! Wonder who she is…

  22. MsTopKats says:

    this is not for beginners. this is intermediate level. had to stop after 20 mins, was too difficult.

  23. Colette says:

    I've been training now for 4 months and I can go through the whole workout but with some of the exercises I can only do 8 to 10 reps…

  24. 00 0 says:

    finally i did it!!

  25. Great work out, got challenging, love it! Thanks

  26. Sterling M says:

    Good exercises. Not for BEGINNERS. The baby-talk narration is distracting and sounds whiney.

  27. C Chen says:

    Some of these moves were super hard for me at this stage, but overall I loved it =)

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