28-Day Ramadan Meal & Workout Plan | Joanna Soh | Her Network

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33 Responses

  1. many thanks! great work 😊

  2. nrctk seinz says:

    Thanks Joanna! May the force be with you!

  3. Dima H says:

    Thank you so much gurl❤ really lightened my hair seeing this ❤

  4. i seriously love you!😭💗

  5. Joanna I love you but really, Ramadan 3 days after the Manchester attack?

  6. Tuqa Satar says:

    Thank U for thinking about us 😘😘😘

  7. thanq joanna with lots of lov 😙⚘⚘⚘⚘

  8. Mari àm says:

    can you all just appreciate the fact that she ain't even a muslim and yet she did all of these videos ?.. God bless you, my life savior indeed ❤

  9. Bee AR says:

    Thank you for the guides/plans! Can't wait to try out starting this Saturday! 🙂

  10. Desy Dwin says:

    thank youuu joana.. I have followed you since for a long time. and I really apreciate it.. may Allah bless you !! love you from indonesia. <3

  11. imrana s says:

    joanna ……thank you sooo much…that's soo nice of you…and ofcourse I like u a lot as I always doo…..

  12. Thank u so much Joanna <3
    U r great 🙂

  13. Husna Amalia says:

    omg u're really thoughtful..love u <3

  14. nur sakinah says:

    I've been looking for tips and meal plan all over the place and you somehow read my mind! Thank you!

  15. i was waiting for it 😍😍 thank u soo much dear for ur hard work 🌹 loove u

  16. this video was wonderful thank you so much xx

  17. saima119 says:

    Omg thank you so so so much. And thank you so much for a Vegan plan. I seriously love you xxx

  18. so sweet of you to think about Muslims

  19. Tota Ibrahim says:

    Ramadan I'm waiting you❤️

  20. Ayat Hannan says:

    omg joanna u have such a beautiful soul.may Allah bless you.

  21. Mansha allah thanks 🙏 sister ramadan is healthy

  22. Rana Adel says:

    You are so cute you know about Ramadan thank you so much to share that with us 😘😘

  23. HA H says:

    Ur the best joanna ! Thanx ♥

  24. I just love u Joanna soh for ur different thinking lots of love for u

  25. naseem mulla says:

    Thank you Joanna!!!! Your the best.

  26. Cant wait..ramadan:)

  27. Ss Ss says:

    How to contact you?

  28. Sonearmy 18 says:

    thank u soo much for doing this for us muslims 💓we really appreciate it
    love your videos there Amazing👍🏼❤

  29. Kindachi Yui says:

    I love how she thinks about those of us who are fasting and how Excercise might be difficult for us during this month 💕

  30. You know Joanna! I srart liking the video first then I'm watching this! I clearly know this is going to be another super helpful video! Thanks and love from my core!!!

  31. anne rinita says:

    i cannot follow the exercise regularly and i have put weight again, i am so sad, i want to lose 10 kg again but i am so lazy, what shall i do can you give me some sugession

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