15-Minute No-Excuses Bodyweight Workout | Class FitSugar

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22 Responses

  1. had 4 minutes left rip. moving to Canada going to have to let go of fat American culture

  2. I use my smart TV to exercise,can anybody please tell me how to access these exercises on a smart TV?

  3. Angiepewpew says:

    This is good for beginners 🙂 and people just working out for the first time (like me) Your other workouts were a lot more demanding and its good you choose different levels for different people :D

  4. It was perfect for me as I am a beginner and several pounds over weight. I could keep up and felt like I got a good workout.

  5. I thought it was a fun "workout"(more like a warm up, really). But it was way to easy. It didn't tire me as much as I wanted it to.

  6. I want to have Anna's legs😍

  7. whalerider08 says:

    Great fun workout, thank you

  8. That was amazing, popsugar puts together really good workouts! I've stopped going to the gym thanks to them ❤️

  9. I know that including jumps and hops are a good way to get the heart rate up in a short amount of time–I love these workouts, but I live in a tiny apartment with thin walls and everything shakes when I jump. Can I request a workout video that produces the same results in the same amount of time without all the jumping?

  10. Diệp Tố says:

    do you have chest exerices? can you share with me?

  11. I wonder, around how much calories do I burn doing this?

  12. Ashley Borel says:

    i adore how fun this workout is. I love how they all engage and express themselves. Felt like i was working out with ma girlfriends.

  13. desi n says:

    this workout was great but really bad for my wrists because I've been told not to put too much pressure on them hahah

  14. CB Douglas says:

    FitSugar, you're a love, and you're very talented, but there is too much warm-up and not enough cardio for me.

  15. How much calories I burnt?

  16. Perfect! It is amazing workout

  17. Great work out thanks!

  18. ty for the diversity ♥

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