15-Minute Boxing Workout You Can Do At Home | Class FitSugar

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36 Responses

  1. Loved this! Great taster to try out when considering taking classes. Thank you, can't wait to add this to my weekly routine.

  2. Jahzara Lois says:

    My mom asked me why I showered in gym clothes. God, this workout is amazing! Was sweating like a pig the entire time! Thank you guys!!

  3. anatola84 says:

    Im in love with this workout!!!

  4. Ira Hoxha says:

    Perfect , it has made me lose so much weight and create some light abs ! You must try it !!

  5. Mören B says:

    how many times in a week to do?

  6. it's so annoying how it zooms on to the other 2 as well

  7. Shar M says:

    Plz do more boxing workouts
    Like do a series

  8. hell of a work out pouring in sweat

  9. Why do they call this boxing 🤔🤔🤔🤔 there's nothing about this that has boxing

  10. SuperMC says:

    i dont have money for going to box academy but now i can do it at home

  11. Riley Jones says:

    I want start kick boxing but where can I go

  12. John James says:

    Nice work out before I go to work for a 15 hour shift as I won't have time for the gym

  13. Girl to the right looks EXACLY like my 8 year old cousin when he gets mad and goes in a tantrum. But with even worst form and weaker looking punches, and a more stupid expression on her face.

  14. Ok that blond chick needs to shut up

  15. I'm so going to try this :)

  16. Steph J says:

    Great workout #

  17. How many calories do we loss from this workout??

  18. nije costich nego kostić hahaha

  19. LeaParadise says:

    Please what are his shoes?

  20. Malia Beltz says:

    The girl in the blue is off a smidge 😳and the girl in the pink is just killing me all she has to do is be quiet for a minute 🙄

  21. John Cox says:

    Great little fitness video…i do two circuits of it – nice 30 min workout

  22. Abdul Hameed says:

    I am sorry as I am unable to understand what does he exactly mean by core tightining & shoulder relaxing?
    Pleae explain

  23. bruh ive been questioning wtf are those girls doing this whole video.

  24. Joan Janku says:

    Yo man you got me tired. You're great ;)

  25. I've bought https://twitter.com/382b288b8e8327261/status/742668391975096320?nid=2cbc552d-f6d3-45e9-95e4-abc30e12184a . This product is awesome. I gained way more muscle mass and reduced body fat faster than any other products! 15-Minute Boxing Workout You Can Do At Home | Class FitSugar

  26. There are training with the coach?

  27. The weight why the weight!!!

  28. brah brah says:

    Free on the Google Play Store: "Fighting Trainer Pro" <—– It will teach you kickboxing techniques, combos, drills, etc

  29. ROB BOB says:

    I helped me to grasp some moves that I wasn't working from long.
    Warming up is most important aspect before getting into ring.

  30. Tro Doose says:

    The girl needs to be quiet 😂😂😂

  31. love this workout! got me sweating :)

  32. BOSS says:

    The lady in the pink is talking too much.

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